Home Deliveries

We have taken the difficult decision to no longer offer home deliveries. If you have a gift certificate, please drop us an email at hello@daisyandbelle.co.uk as we will still honour home deliveries if you have a gift certificate.

You can still buy our ice cream at one of our wonderful stockists, or at one of the many events we’re attending.

In case you’re wondering why….

Back in 2019, we started what was always meant to be a wedding and events-focused business, and we had an ambition to supply other local independents. It was all going swimmingly, and 2020 was going to be our year. Unfortunately, we all know what happened next for the wedding and events industries.

When lockdown hit, all of our scheduled work was cancelled. To add to our difficulties, we found ourselves excluded from receiving a single penny from the government, purely because we started trading after April 2019, and because we didn’t have separate business premises. No SEISS, no furlough, no UC, no £10k premises grant… nada, zilch, nothing. To add insult to injury, the landlord wanted every penny of rent paid, in full and on time.

In a nutshell, we were screwed.

We had about 50 sharing tubs in the freezer, and wondered how on earth we could sell them before they exceeded their best before date. So, we decided to offer home deliveries. This took off far, far quicker than we could possibly have imagined. Everyone was stuck at home, and looking for something to cheer them up. That something just so happened to be our handmade ice cream. By June we’d sold over 2000 tubs of ice cream.

To everyone who ordered a home delivery of ice cream from us, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We wouldn’t have survived without you; you quite literally kept a roof over our heads.

However, it’s now 2022. The world has returned (almost) to normal; most people are returning to the office, and are no longer at home to receive deliveries. We’re returning to where we always wanted to be as a business – in the wedding and events sector, and we will be exceedingly busy this summer, with a three year backlog of wedding bookings packed into one summer. We bought a vintage ice cream van. We have also achieved our ambition of having some fantastic stockists in Cardiff and beyond, where people can buy our sharing tubs.

So, we’ve taken the decision to stop offering home deliveries, simply because we no longer have capacity to do home deliveries on top of everything else. It’s been a hard decision, and we’ll miss seeing the delighted faces on the doorstep. However, it’s the right decision for us, and a positive step back to normality.

Once again, if you ever ordered a home delivery from us thank you. We really hope we’ll see you at a wedding, food festival, village fete, sports event, birthday party, jubilee street party, awards ceremony, race or other public event this year; if not we hope you’ll visit one of our amazing stockists.