• We use double cream from Totally Welsh, which supplies us with cream from cows in south west Wales, bottled in Haverfordwest and delivered to us here in Cardiff.
  • We use only real ingredients – we don’t use any artificial flavours or colours
  • Our ice creams really do taste like the flavour they’re said to be. Our Parma Violet ice cream tastes of parma violet sweets because we make it using the sweets! Our Lemon Meringue ice cream contains both real lemon and generous chunks of meringue…

Zero Waste

We are working towards being a zero waste business.

Absolutely everything we give to our customers is 100% compostable

  • Most of our ice cream is sold in waffle cones, which are both edible and biodegradable
  • For those customers who prefer a cup, we use compostable palm leaf cups. To make them, fallen palm leaves are collected, soaked in spring water, heat pressed into shape and then dried.
  • Our spoons are made from sustainably grown wood
  • Our napkins are made from 100% recycled material
  • Our sharing tubs are commercially compostable

At the production end of our business, we reduce waste by

  • Making our ice cream in reusable stainless steel pans, not plastic tubs
  • Opting to purchase ingredients that come loose or in recyclable packaging wherever possible
  • Recycling as much packaging as possible
  • Composting suitable waste, such as fruit peel and apple cores, on site.

We’ve been awarded the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Champion Award

Plastic Free Champion logo


  • We serve from a cargo bike – powered entirely by human legs!
  • The freezer is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery, which means our bike has zero emissions
  • We don’t own a vehicle – the only time we use one is when we hire a van to attend events outside of inner Cardiff