All our flavours are made by hand, in tiny batches, here in Cardiff using fresh Welsh double cream or vegan alternative.

You can find our ice cream at various local stockists, at events, and weddings.

For ingredient, nutrition and allergen information, please consult this document.

Current Menu

Special & Custom Orders – for weddings, events & wholesale

These flavours aren’t currently on the menu for general order. In some cases (e.g. Mini Egg) they come back seasonally. In all cases, we can make them especially for your wedding or other event. They can also be made especially for wholesale customers in 4L catering packs or 4.7L Napoli pans.

We can also tweak the recipes above to suit. For instance, we can offer flavours such as

  • White Chocolate – which can offer a good alternative to vanilla (dairy)
  • Lemon (dairy)
  • Coffee
    • Coffee & Walnut – coffee ice cream with chopped walnuts (dairy or vegan)
    • Cappuccino (dairy)
    • Caramel Latte (dairy)
  • Chocolate (vegan or dairy)
    • Chocolate with your choice of inclusions (fudge, smarties, etc. etc.)
    • Rocky Road (dairy version; vegan version comes as standard)
  • Caramel (dairy)
  • Cookies & Cream (dairy)
  • Irish Cream (dairy)
  • Versions that avoid certain allergens – such as making Milk Chocolate without hazelnuts, or using gluten-free biscuits in the Rocky Road

Please ask